small business


KAANAS is a family doing what we love most and do best; produce high-quality and socially responsible products that marry artisanal and feminine design with classic silhouettes. Intricate textures and quality craftsmanship define our collections. We design the shoes we wear.

For us, it’s a labor of love. It’s more than stitches and seams; it’s about heritage. And relationships. And family. 

We are four sisters and second-generation shoemakers who grew up running around our mother’s shoe factory, helping our father in his shoe stores.

We lined up the samples along the hallway outside their bedroom and rank-ordered them to our liking. Our opinions were always valued and incorporated into the final selection. No matter the age, we were all part of the design committee and team.

Today, we are all young working moms that run our own business. All with a similar mold, but each with a unique cast.

Our mission is to design and manufacture higher-quality products that last longer, in style and nature. We want our customers to feel they are wearing something of value, that many hands collaborated on prior to delivery to them.