Step into the latest trends and styles with KAANAS! Our new arrivals collection is constantly updated with the latest designer shoes, from classic slides and sandals to mules and sneakers. Refresh your wardrobe with statement shoes that are perfect for every day. Discover the perfect pair of shoes that capture your unique style.

Alayta BlackAlayta Black

Alayta Black

Alayta BlushAlayta Blush

Alayta Blush

Alayta Chili RedAlayta Chili Red

Alayta Chili Red

Alayta HoneyAlayta Honey

Alayta Honey

Savaii BlackSavaii Black

Savaii Black

Amber BlackAmber Black

Amber Black

Amber CaramelAmber Caramel

Amber Caramel

Savaii CaramelSavaii Caramel

Savaii Caramel

Carmer NaturalCarmer Natural

Carmer Natural

Malik OatMalik Oat

Malik Oat

Eve GoldEve Gold

Eve Gold

Topaz CaramelTopaz Caramel

Topaz Caramel

Malik CaramelMalik Caramel

Malik Caramel

Clarkia HoneyClarkia Honey

Clarkia Honey

Malik MultiMalik Multi

Malik Multi

Clarkia Chili RedClarkia Chili Red

Clarkia Chili Red

Clarkia OnyxClarkia Onyx

Clarkia Onyx

Monarch BlackMonarch Black

Monarch Black

Monarch NaturalMonarch Natural

Monarch Natural

Samoa GoldSamoa Gold

Samoa Gold

Samoa BeigeSamoa Beige

Samoa Beige

Zola OnyxZola Onyx

Zola Onyx

Samoa NavySamoa Navy

Samoa Navy

Zola BeigeZola Beige

Zola Beige